The Benefit of Living in Townhouse in Accra, Ghana

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As a first-time homebuyer looking to purchase a property in a suburban area, a townhouse is likely your preferred option.

Today, townhouses are growing in popularity and now available on the real estate market. Homebuyers often choose townhouses as the perfect home type for them.

But what is this desire for townhouses in these recent times?

What is a Townhouse anyway?

A Townhouse or a Townhome is a terraced housing whereby a row of similar, attached houses share a common wall. A modern townhouse is attached to one or more units but have their own entrances, parking space and a backyard. When you buy a townhome in Ghana, you have exclusive right to your unit and responsible for maintaining and taking care of your property, both interior and exterior.

Townhouse communities just like condos usually have their own Homeowners Association (HOAs) – they oversee the wellbeing of the community. This management comes with HOA fees to cover certain amenities such as yard upkeep, and can range from $100 – $1000 depending on the type of townhouse, the location of the townhouses, amenities and services provided. Therefore, when shopping for a townhouse, ensure you factor in the HOAs fee to your total housing budget.

Why You Should Own A Townhouse 

Townhouses have many benefits that make them a smart choice for first-time or budget-minded homebuyers. These benefits include:

  1. Affordable Housing Prices – It is usually cheaper to construct properties that share walls than it is to build them separately, say a detached house. Hence you, the buyer, share in the advantage. If you are looking to invest in the real estate market, and you don’t have a large down payment, then a townhouse is an affordable choice for you. Townhouses usually cost lower than detached single-family homes of a similar size in the same area.
  1. Low Maintenance – As a townhouse resident, you only need to maintain the interior of your home in most cases because the HOAs fee or service charge will cover the exterior maintenance like pools, lawn, sidewalks or repairs. Take your time to understand the HOAs guidelines before moving into a property to ensure that you are comfortable with what will be asked of you especially as a first-time homebuyer. 
  1. Area Amenities – Townhouse communities usually offer shared amenities that would make your lifestyle so much better. A Townhouse with ample outdoor space, swimming pools, your own garage, kids play area, security is worth the consideration. A perfect example if the The Fairfax Community and number 23 Odum developed by Earlbeam Living and Earlbeam Realty.
  1. Sense Of Community – Townhouses are usually built close together, which makes it easier for you to get to know your neighbours. If you are a social butterfly, this is your chance. 

Generally, first-time homebuyers find townhouses a very good and budget-friendly option. It is a solid choice for anyone interested in a low-maintenance lifestyle which involves living in a planned and gated community with active HOAs. And don’t forget the perks! 

If you are ready to begin your journey to homeownership, check out our apartments and townhouses currently on the market – FAIRFAX COMMUNITY

Fairfax Community is a development comprising spacious modern four (4) bedroom townhouses and two (2) bedroom apartments located in the serene environment of East Legon Hills. 

The East Legon Hills area is a steadily developing part of Accra, approximately forty-five minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport. It is a well mapped out area with good road networks, commercial centers, schools, health, social and business centers. 

The Fairfax property comes complete with a first class, high-quality and attractive finishings and fittings. Each unit is adorned with a dense, fine-grained, smooth porcelain tile and sanitary ware. ICI grade acrylic walls, central solar water heating and Aluzinc concealed roof with double weather shield insulation for heat prevention. Other features include a ground level water tank with booster pumps, inverter air conditioners and a fully-fitted kitchen. 

Shared amenities in the development include a twenty-four (24) hour backup power, a backup water supply, round the clock manned guarding and CCTV, a children’s play area and a swimming pool. 

Every buyer has a twenty five (25) year builder’s warranty and a two (2) year warranty on all fixtures.

Payment terms are extremely flexible with customized mortgage options available. 

About the Developer

Earlbeam Living is a private real estate development company with specialized experience in sustainable development, delivering functional modern homes in strategic locations of Accra. The company constructs with excellent living appeal, offering clients the best in structural designs and building warranties working together with skilled professionals across board for long-term value and good returns on investment.

Earlbeam Living offers potential buyers the opportunity to own apartments and townhouses at affordable housing prices. 

Look us up! earlbeamliving.com

Or contact us directly +233 30 394 0409, +233 59 415 8445

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